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NK22CK-C Napoleon Grills Barbecue Grill Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
N745-0007 Napoleon N745-0007 Wheel Each $16.37
N655-0142 Napoleon NEP-N655-0142 support lid handle- Right $6.05
N655-0141 Napoleon NEP-N655-0141 support lid handle -Left $5.92
Z130-0002 Napoleon NEP-Z130-0002 revolving caster $8.12
N325-0071 Napoleon NEP-N325-0071 ash pan handle $8.41
N325-0073 Napoleon NEP-N325-0073 lid handle $34.03
N685-0011 Napoleon NEP-N685-0011 temperature gauge $34.50
N080-0279 Napoleon NEP-N080-0279 bracket wire support/shelf $10.71
N325-0076 Napoleon NEP-N325-0076 handle cooking grid $9.38
N590-0207 Napoleon NEP-N590-0207 charcoal basket $25.04
N010-0691P Napoleon NEP-N010-0691P bottom shelf assembly $93.94
N010-0692 Napoleon NEP-N010-0692 middle ring assembly $71.89
N500-0046P Napoleon NEP-N500-0046P base retainer plate $64.13
N335-0057K Napoleon NEP-N335-0057K lid $78.61
N010-0735 Napoleon NEP-N010-0735 air support- Outer $13.24
N010-0674K Napoleon NEP-N010-0674K base $99.76
N475-0288 Napoleon NEP-N475-0288 front cart panel $99.84
N010-0734 Napoleon NEP-N010-0734 air support- Inner $14.74
N655-0138P Napoleon NEP-N655-0138P cart support $15.13
N080-0270 Napoleon NEP-N080-0270 hinge lower $15.24
N080-0271 Napoleon NEP-N080-0271 hinge upper $15.34
N010-0690 Napoleon NEP-N010-0690 shelf assembly front cart $126.38
N215-0010 Napoleon NEP-N215-0010 ash deflector $20.43
N305-0077 Napoleon NEP-N305-0077 charcoal grate $24.62
N325-0075 Napoleon NEP-N325-0075 handle cart assembly $24.60
N500-0043 Napoleon NEP-N500-0043 reflector plate $24.82
N010-0689P Napoleon NEP-N010-0689P post assembly $28.44