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P3FGYN BroilMaster Barbecue Grill Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
B056647 B056647 BroilMaster Nat Orifice $7.00
B056649 B056649 BroilMaster LP Orifice $7.00
B057804 B057804 BroilMaster Hinge Pin $2.00
B057805 B057805 BroilMaster Bridge Pin $2.00
B069002 B069002 BroilMaster LP Manifold W/Orifice $26.00
B069003 B069003 BroilMaster Nat Manifold W/Orifice $26.00
B069743 B069743 BroilMaster Collector Box Spacer $4.00
B069747 B069747 BroilMaster Ground Lug $3.00
B069756 B069756 BroilMaster Hose & Regulator w/ Q.C.C. (female pipe fitting) $40.00
B070084 B070084 BroilMaster Knob Black (New Style) $10.00
B070486 B070486 BroilMaster Handle Stainless Steel 21-in


B072218 B072218 BroilMaster Electronic Igniter Head Only $37.00
B072684 B072684 BroilMaster Ground Wire $6.00
B072686 B072686 BroilMaster Label (Electronic Igniter) $18.72
B072695 B072695 BroilMaster Stainless Steel Retract-A-Rack P3 R3 T3 D3 $83.00
B073097 B073097 BroilMaster Foam Grip for Stainless Steel Handles $10.00
B073963 B073963 BroilMaster Shelf Pin $3.00
B076789 B076789 BroilMaster Valve Manual Gas Dual $62.00
B076790 B076790 BroilMaster Valve Manual Gas Dual $62.00
B100446 B100446 BroilMaster Collector Box Only (Electronic Igniter) $37.00
B100517 B100517 BroilMaster Plate Orifice Mounting $4.00
B100730 B100730 BroilMaster SHIELD Valve S/S $44.00
B100751 B100751 BroilMaster Control Panel and Label Assembly Black (Electronic Ignitor) $83.00
B100853 B100853 BroilMaster Hardware Kit Nat Unit $60.37
B101053 B101053 BroilMaster Set of 2 Stainless Steel Rod Cooking Grids for Size 3 grill head $203.00
B101235 B101235 BroilMaster Hardware Kit LP Unit $67.08
DPA103 DPA103 BroilMaster Flavor Screen for P3 T3 Grill(Display Pkg) $142.00
DPA106 DPA106 BroilMaster Adjustable Lid Stop (Display Pkg) $32.00
DPP101 DPP101 BroilMaster Stainless Steel Bowtie Burner for P3 D3 (Display Pkg) $119.00
DPP6SS DPP6SS BroilMaster Heat Shield/Deflector SS (Display Pkg) Replaced By DPP7SS $42.00