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PF450 Napoleon Grills Barbecue Grill Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
N010-0350 Napoleon N010-0350 Side Shelf Left $316.40
N010-0364 Napoleon N010-0364 Base Assembly $423.94
N010-0365 Napoleon N010-0365 Hood Assembly $287.33
N010-0366 Napoleon N010-0366 Rear Infra-Red Burner $218.10
N010-0370 Napoleon N010-0370 Lid Insert Stainless Steel $279.22
N010-0498 Napoleon N010-0498 Main Infra-Red Burner $132.99
N100-0014 Napoleon N100-0014 Main Burner $87.47
N100-0025 Napoleon N100-0025 Infra-Red Burner Pilot $35.84
N100-0031 Napoleon N100-0031 Side Burner $75.58
N105-0002 Napoleon N105-0002 Snap Bushing $14.40
N130-0003 Napoleon N130-0003 Swivel Caster Non-Locking 4" $17.56
N130-0004 Napoleon N130-0004 Swivel Caster Locking 4" $20.56
N200-0060 Napoleon N200-0060 Back Cover $101.83
N200-0061 Napoleon N200-0061 Wire Harness Cover $23.33
N240-0010 Napoleon N240-0010 Rear Burner Electrode $34.99
N240-0012 Napoleon N240-0012 Pilot Burner Electrode $16.05
N240-0016 Napoleon N240-0016 Main Burner Electrode $7.86
N305-0027 Napoleon N305-0027 Sear Plate SOLD EACH $65.76
N305-0040K Napoleon N305-0040K Side Burner Grate $1.68
N325-0016 Napoleon N325-0016 Handle $11.26
N325-0036 Napoleon N325-0036 Door/Drawer Handle $34.77
N325-0041 Napoleon N325-0041 Lid Handle Large $37.65
N345-0014 Napoleon N345-0014 12Ft N/G Hose W/Quick Disconnect $122.88
N350-0019 Napoleon N350-0019 Grease Tray Holder $24.71
N350-0039 Napoleon N350-0039 Electrical Housing Box $48.54
N350-0054 Napoleon N350-0054 3" Collector Box $6.54
N357-0007 Napoleon N357-0007 Electronic Ignition 2 Spark 9V $34.73
N357-0009 Napoleon N357-0009 Electronic Ignition 4 Spark 9V $45.00
N360-0005 Napoleon N360-0005 Lid Insert End Casting Left $14.89
N360-0006 Napoleon N360-0006 Lid Insert End Casting Right $14.89
N380-0009 Napoleon N380-0009 Burner Control Knob Black And Silver $15.39
N380-0009R Napoleon N380-0009R Infra-Red Control Knob Red And Silver $8.70
N385-0129 Napoleon N385-0129 Napoleon Logo $13.18
N390-0001 Napoleon N390-0001 Battery Igniter Lead 14" $6.60
N402-0001 Napoleon N402-0001 Light Assembly $58.64
N460-0001 Napoleon N460-0001 Gfi With Cover Outlet Kit $105.07
N475-0103 Napoleon N475-0103 Cabinet Panel Left $94.51
N475-0104 Napoleon N475-0104 Cabinet Panel Right $93.57
N485-0013 Napoleon N485-0013 Cotter Pin $2.39
N510-0002 Napoleon N510-0002 Silicone Lid Bumper $1.68
N520-0014 Napoleon N520-0014 Warming Rack Stainless Steel $103.67
N530-0003 Napoleon Grills N530-0003 1-Outlet Regulator $44.92
N530-0009 Napoleon N530-0009 Natural Gas Regulator $48.76
N565-0002 Napoleon N565-0002 Infrared Burner Screen $24.35
N570-0015 Napoleon N570-0015 Lid Pivot Screw $5.66
N585-0022K Napoleon N585-0022K Heat Shield Rear Infra-Red Burner $42.02
N590-0062 Napoleon N590-0062 In Door Condiment Tray $42.35
N590-0100 Napoleon N590-0100 Bottom Shelf $1.68
N655-0065 Napoleon N655-0065 Sear Plate Support $9.38
N660-0002 Napoleon N660-0002 Light Switch $6.37
N680-0001 Napoleon N680-0001 Rear Infra-Red Burner Thermocouple $30.19
N707-0001 Napoleon N707-0001 Transformer 120Vac To 12Vac $62.26
N725-0009 Napoleon N725-0009 Main Burner Valve Propane $22.56
N725-0010 Napoleon N725-0010 Main Burner Valve Natural Gas $22.56
N750-0006 Napoleon N750-0006 4 Wire Black And White Harness $24.67
N750-0007 Napoleon N750-0007 Power Supply Wire 8 $22.94
N750-0010 Napoleon N750-0010 40" White Wire $25.09
N685-0004 Napoleon N685-0004 Temperature Gauge $35.58
N475-0124 Napoleon NEP-N475-0124 rear cabinet panel $217.59
N010-0377 Napoleon NEP-N010-0377 propane tank drawer support $362.37
N010-0434 Napoleon NEP-N010-0434 assembly side burner frame


N100-0030 Napoleon NEP-N100-0030 side burner-natural gas $75.54
N305-0026 Napoleon NEP-N305-0026 cooking grid s.s. wave rods SOLD EACH $92.39
N475-0116 Napoleon NEP-N475-0116 center fascia $105.16