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TEBQ36GS-B 2008 Twin Eagles Barbecue Grill Parts

TEBQ36GS-B 2008 Twin Eagles Barbecue Grill

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
S12602 S12602 Twin Eagles Coupling, Brass 3/8 Flare x 1/2 FIP $14.84
S12736 S12736 Twin Eagles Manifold, TEBQ-36 $149.94
S13105 S13105 Twin Eagles Bracket, Handle, Chrome with 14220 screws $26.59
S13129-12 S13129-12 Twin Eagles Briquette, White (12 Pack) $34.90
S13154 S13154 Twin Eagles Knob, Chrome, HI-Polished w/ VALOX insert (TEBQ) $22.39
S13345Y S13345Y Twin Eagles Infrared Burner, Sear Zone without mesh wire Replaced By TESZ-KIT $384.60
S13346 S13346 Twin Eagles Mesh, Infrared burner, Sear Zone $67.18
S13350 S13350 Twin Eagles Burner, "U" S/S 0.75 Wall Thk U-5 Burner (TEBQ36) $162.44
S13864 S13864 Twin Eagles Spit Rod, 9/16", 42 S/S(TEBQ42) $99.96
S13867 S13867 Twin Eagles Rack, Warming, 36" $99.96
S13875 S13875 Twin Eagles 10" Stainless Steel Hex Grate $176.18
S14128 S14128 Twin Eagles Bumper,hood (4 Pack) $13.36
S14194 S14194 Twin Eagles Stand Off Spring with 14195 acorn nut $19.59
S14196 S14196 Twin Eagles Spring, Hood $33.59
S14216 S14216 Twin Eagles Spacer Hood, TEBQ with 14219 bolt and 14176 Lock nut $25.19
S14420 S14420 Twin Eagles Roller, Bearing with 14175 screw and 14174 Kep nut $20.03
S15110-41 S15110-41 Twin Eagles Orifice, Grill #41, NG, 1/8 NPT $6.36
S15110-53 S15110-53 Twin Eagles Orifice, Grill #53, LP, 1/8 NPT $6.36
S15302 S15302 Twin Eagles Regulator, LP with Hose $61.58
S15303 S15303 Twin Eagles Regulator, NG, RV 47CL-44 $36.39
S15340A S15340A Twin Eagles Thermometer (3.25" O.D.)(TEBQ 09)(Early TEBQ-08) $81.17
S16169 S16169 Twin Eagles Light, Halogen, Complete (Old Style w/ Retaining Clip)(TEBQ-08)(TPBQ-07) $41.99
S16177B S16177B Twin Eagles Hot Surface Igniter w/ 14123 screw (TEBQ) $40.59
S16186Y S16186Y Twin Eagles Transformer, Obsolete (use S16233Y)

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S16190 S16190 Twin Eagles Lens, Halogen Light (Old Style uses Retaining Clip)(TEBQ-08)(TPBQ-07) $19.59
S16191 S16191 Twin Eagles Lightbulb, Halogen $14.19
S16192 S16192 Twin Eagles LED Holder $13.36
S16194 S16194 Twin Eagles Hood Switch (TEBQ) $29.39
S16196 S16196 Twin Eagles Switch, Illuminated, Front Panel (TEBQ) $58.78
S16252Y S16252Y Twin Eagles Wire Harness Asyy, 3 LED Front Panel (TEBQ36G/42G) $86.77
S16262 S16262 Twin Eagles Wire Harness, Manifold 4 LED (TEBQ36R/42R) $78.37
S20206 S20206 Twin Eagles Rod, Hood Switch Bracket and Hardware $33.59
S21717-36Y S21717-36Y Twin Eagles Front Panel (w/ logo and bezel), TEBQ36G $461.03
S21720-36Y S21720-36Y Twin Eagles Front Hood Assembly without handle (TEBQ36) $922.05
S21743 S21743 Twin Eagles Divider, Zone (TEBQ) $30.79
S21745-36Y S21745-36Y Twin Eagles Drip Pan Assembly with rollers, 36( TEBQ) $270.14
S21750Y S21750Y Twin Eagles Flash Tube w/ screws, Burner Assy ( TEBQ ) $30.79
S21757 S21757 Twin Eagles Bracket, Hood Switch with 14123 screws ( TEBQ ) $20.03
S21765Y S21765Y Twin Eagles Flash Tube w/ screws, Sear Zone Burners (TEBQ) $30.79
S91183 S91183 Twin Eagles SMOKER, BOX ASSEMBLY SMALL $112.46
S12339 S12339 Twin Eagles Hood Handle, (1.25D x 18GA x 30)(TEBQ36) $39.19
S13128P S13128P Twin Eagles Bezel, Burner (Printed) w/ 14121 Screws $16.70
S13147 S13147 Twin Eagles Emblem, Twin Eagles (TEBQ) w/ 14160 CLIP $27.99
S14219 S14219 Twin Eagles Screw, 1/4-20x2 Hex,Polished (TEBQ) w/ 14176 Lock nut (2 sets) $12.72
S15101A S15101A Twin Eagles Burner, Valve, with Micro Switch (TEBQ) $39.19
S15340 S15340 Twin Eagles Thermometer (3" O.D.)(TEBQ 08)(TPBQ 07) $81.17
S21759Y S21759Y Twin Eagles 10" Briquette Tray Assembly complete with briquettes (TEBQ36) $164.43
S21761Y S21761Y Twin Eagles 5" Briquette Tray Assembly complete with briquettes (TEBQ36) $99.96