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UD405RSB Napoleon Grills Barbecue Grill Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
N010-0360P Napoleon N010-0360P Tank Support $29.05
N010-0538P Napoleon N010-0538P Bottom Shelf Natural Gas $137.32
N010-0539P Napoleon N010-0539P Bottom Shelf Propane $124.21
N010-0558 Napoleon N010-0558 Cart Door Stainless Steel $488.37
N080-0111P Napoleon N080-0111P Base Mounting Brackets Left/Right $36.74
N080-0131P Napoleon N080-0131P Magnet Bracket $15.82
N100-0021 Napoleon N100-0021 Main Burner Replaced By Kit N010-0693 Which Includes N100-0022 Also $81.44
N100-0022 Napoleon N100-0022 Main Burner Centre Replaced By Kit N010-0693 Which Includes N100-0021 Also $81.44
N100-0027 Napoleon N100-0027 Rear Burner $54.89
N100-0039 Napoleon N100-0039 Side Burner $37.23
N105-0002 Napoleon N105-0002 Snap Bushing $14.40
N120-0004 Napoleon N120-0004 End Cap Shelf Left $22.93
N120-0005 Napoleon N120-0005 End Cap Shelf Right $26.02
N130-0010 Napoleon N130-0010 Caster 3" $16.23
N135-0029P Napoleon N135-0029P Base Casting $160.18
N160-0010 Napoleon N160-0010 Grease Tray Holder $11.91
N200-0055P Napoleon N200-0055P Rear Cover $21.69
N200-0056 Napoleon N200-0056 Rear Burner Cover Infra-Red $42.59
N240-0016 Napoleon N240-0016 Main Burner Electrode $7.86
N255-0017 Napoleon N255-0017 T-Fitting (3/8F 1/8M) $42.31
N305-0041 Napoleon N305-0041 Sear Plate REPLACED By 77405 2-PACK Set $66.48
N305-0059 Napoleon N305-0059 Side Burner Grate $19.48
N305-0065 Napoleon N305-0065 Cooking Grid Cast Iron U405Rb -Require 2 Replaced By N305-0029 $100.19
N325-0016 Napoleon N325-0016 Handle $11.26
N335-0043 Napoleon N335-0043 Side Burner Lid $25.81
N345-0010 Napoleon N345-0010 24" Side Burner Hose Propane $21.62
N350-0054 Napoleon N350-0054 3" Collector Box $6.54
N357-0013 Napoleon N357-0013 Electronic Ignition 1 Spark $27.59
N385-0002 Napoleon N385-0002 Side Burner Label $5.18
N430-0002 Napoleon N430-0002 Magnetic Catch $12.74
N475-0091 Napoleon N475-0091 Rotisserie Mount $17.85
N475-0202 Napoleon N475-0202 Control Panel 405C No Rb $77.98
N475-0206P Napoleon N475-0206P Back Cart Panel $765.82
N475-0207P Napoleon N475-0207P Cart Enclosure Panel Left/Right $74.70
N500-0035K Napoleon N500-0035K Side Burner Plate $23.05
N530-0008 Napoleon N530-0008 Regulator $73.11
N555-0026 Napoleon N555-0026 Door Pivot Rod $9.03
N570-0056 Napoleon N570-0056 Lid Pivot Screw $5.40
N585-0018P Napoleon N585-0018P Heat Shield $30.19
N585-0026P Napoleon N585-0026P Heat Shield $250.64
N590-0159 Napoleon N590-0159 Ss Side Shelf Left $94.43
N590-0160 Napoleon N590-0160 Side Burner Shelf $100.54
N720-0035 Napoleon N720-0035 Rear Burner Supply Tube $23.25
63161 Napoleon 63161 Barbecue Cover $81.26
N685-0007 Napoleon N685-0007 Temperature Gauge/Uc Logo $22.36
N520-0026K Napoleon N520-0026K Warming Rack $36.56
N135-0027P Napoleon N135-0027P Lid Casting $165.53
N051-0007 Napoleon NEP-N051-0007 control knob bezel $3.84
N725-0030 Napoleon NEP-N725-0030 side burner valve-propane $60.69
N725-0031 Napoleon NEP-N725-0031 side burner valve- natural $33.32