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TEC Infrared Grill Parts

Buy TEC Grill repair parts and get that old BBQ cooking like new!

You are sure to see TEC Infrared grills grills all over the world. These BBQ grill infrared models are tried and true to be trusted for so many outdoor grilling lovers. TEC grill parts are easy to replace and install for all of their models. Find common wear parts like grill burners, glass shields and cooking grids that can be changed out in a matter of minutes. Another popular BBQ grill repair part is the push button ignitors and the wired electrodes needed to spark and start your TEC Infrared model.

The general appearance and heat output along with the internal components of your TEC barbecue help you keep your grill cooking as hot as the first day you bought it. Need help selecting and finding the correct parts for your Patio or Cherokee series model? Call in now to speak with one of our technicians to find out all about the full list of parts you should consider getting this grilling season.

Twin Eagles Premium Grill Parts

Keep your Twin Eagles looking and cooking good with a grill makeover!

There is nothing better than cooking outdoors with a premium Twin Eagles barbecue. There is nothing worse than getting ready for the grilling season only to find out your BBQ model needs a repair part to let it function properly to cook the way you expect. We feature a wide array of available Twin Eagles grill repair parts to change out the defect or worn items on your unit to get it running like new again. Cleaning it properly each time after use and even a weekly inspection of the mechanical parts is always a good idea to ensure the longevity of your home outdoor cooking products.

Home Owner Note: The Twin Eagles BBQ models are some of the most widely found models around peoples homes across America. We strive to have the right parts you need and when you want to have them.

Grill Updating and Repair is Easy

Buying grill parts to update and fix your grill can get it back to good working order quickly and easily. Things to note are when a gas grill is working properly the flame is evenly distributed through its’ burners, the flame itself is blue with yellow tips - NOT orange. With all burners on high there should be even heat across the total cooking surface. Be sure the heat plates are properly installed above the burners to prevent flare ups that burn food quickly. The stainless steel flavor shields catch drippings from foods so they can be burned off by the heat of the grill.

SAFETY FIRST: Always make sure that you have TURNED OFF all gas flowing to your grill from a gas line or propane tank before doing any work on your grill. Visually check the burners for clogged gas holes. You can easily see this issue by observing how the grill burns. Each burner on your grill is going to have a dedicated control valve. The gas valve consists of several brass components that are specifically designed to regulate the flow of gas to your burner.

Overall the goal to a long term ownership of your grill is to just remember to Clean It Out. Every time you use your grill, it accumulates all sorts of soot, ash, and grease. At least once a year, you need to put on some rubber gloves and give it a good cleaning inside and outside. Remove the burners and use the vacuum to clean them out as well. Just use a wire brush to scrape off as much grease and grime as you can from the interior, and vacuum again. Keep an eye on your grease drip tray. They tend to wear out quick. They can be pulled out and a new one inserted in no time at all. Still lighting you grill with a match? Well you can pick up a new push button grill ignitor to get it clicking like it did the first day you turned it one. Have in a working grill sparker is good safety tip as well.

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